345E: Walking Into the Sunset

I would love some help finding an old children’s book from my childhood. I seriously doubt that anyone will be able to locate it, but it’s worth a shot.

Really, the back page is all that I remember, because I used to stare at the picture all the time. I used to read the book at my babysitter’s house, when I was roughly 3-6 years old. This would have been from 1986 to 1989. The book could have very well been from the late 60’s thru early 80’s.
Anyway, about the image at the very back page of the book. It was a sunrise or sunset image, with the main characters walking out a door into a beautiful scene full of trees, animals, etc. The main character(s) had their backs turned to the reader as they walked down a road into this scene. The image really was beautiful, serene, filled with hope. The sunset was mostly orange and yellow, and took up a big portion of the page. This image looked like the ideal place to be, and I’ve never forgotten it. Sesame Street comes to mind, though I don’t specifically remember it being a Sesame Street book. Truth is, I don’t know but am hoping that this will jog someone’s memory. I’ve never forgotten this book and would love to see that picture again, now that I have kids of my own.
Again, I doubt anyone would be able to help me with this, based on the limited details that I remember. But, thank you for trying!

3 thoughts on “345E: Walking Into the Sunset

  1. Marisa

    Long shot, but it sounds like the sort of thing Ashley Wolff would do (gorgeous, serene, colour-drenched outdoor spreads; particular attention paid to sunlight).

  2. Beth

    Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum by Norman Stiles. On the last page we see the backnof Griver as he walks outbof the museum into the sunset. Its a bright, happy picture with other animalsnlookingbat him. Hope this helps.


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