344M: Historical Women Biographies For Kids

During the 1968-69 school year, when I was in fourth grade, I read a series of biographies on famous historical women from my school library. The ones I remember are Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, and Clara Barton, but I think there were others as well. I believe they were hardcover in the style of Nancy Drew books, but possibly a different size. I’ve found many books about these women on Ebay from that time frame, but none that “match” as parts of a series. Does anyone recognize this book series? Thank you for any assistance.

2 thoughts on “344M: Historical Women Biographies For Kids

  1. Susan

    Thank you, Rebecca; that is not the series but those look interesting — I’m going to see about getting some of them for my grandchildren 🙂 .

    I remembered today that Amelia Earhart was another of the women in the book series.


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