341M: Chapter Book – Childrens’ House Floats Down River

I am looking for a children's chapter book. The plot involves children whose house is able to float and they float down a river on it. This was a chapter book from the 1970’s or 1980’s. I don’t think it was a houseboat but rather their actual house was put on a raft, but my memory could be wrong. Thank you!!

6 thoughts on “341M: Chapter Book – Childrens’ House Floats Down River

  1. Marisa

    Maybe a long shot, but I wonder if this could be ‘The Town That Moved’ by Mary Jane Finsand (1983).

  2. Kelly w

    Maybe The Blackmail Machine by Felipe Holman? It’s a treehouse that flies away, but I think it does end up floating in a river at one point.

  3. Lenona

    Is there a chance it’s much older? I’m thinking of the Augustus series by Le Grand. The first two books were Augustus and the River (1939) and Augustus Goes South (1940).


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