341H: Children’s 60s-70s short photo novel

A young boy (lonely? Bad situation?) invents device on a board using electronics, slinky, fishbowl, and contacts space girl/alien whose image appears in fishbowl.

2 thoughts on “341H: Children’s 60s-70s short photo novel

  1. Douglas A Moors

    It was like a picture book but for older children with a somewhat melancholy tone, illustrated with half tone monochromatic photos which made it stand out from other books in the elementary school. The boy’s contraption had mechanical/electric parts along with a slinky which attached to an upside down fishbowl. I am sure I have omitted details, but the device was bizarre. When activated, the device allowed the boy to communicate- across the gulf of space/time -with a blond girl, his age, whose image appeared in the globe of the fish bowl. They were both seeking a friend.
    I believe this book may have begun my turn towards science fiction, which I read voraciously in jr high (and still today). Now I am determined to find this odd little seed of a book!

  2. Douglas A Moors

    A picture book for older elementary school students which had monochromatic photographs instead of illustrations. The tone of the book was sort of melancholy. A young boy makes friends with an alien girl (looked human), using his cobbled-together cosmic communication device. The device had random mechanical/electrical parts, including a slinky coil which terminated at an upside down fish bowl-imager. This book was the seed leading to a lifelong appreciation of the Science Fiction genre.


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