340Y: Children’s Stories from Around the World

When I was little (5, 6?) I was given a lovely little red hardbound book with black embossed lettering and image which was I believe called “Children of the World” or “Children’s Stories of the World” et al. I suddenly remember that it was probably titled “Children from Around the World” or “Stories from Children Around the World” (or “Children’s Stories from Around the World”). I think the pages were double bound. Anyway, it was a birthday gift for me back in 73/74. It had some lovely short prose/stories for younger children. Larger print lettering and color illustrations. Also, it had a great story about a Japanese girl and her brother who celebrate girls and boys days and receive dolls. Thank you for helping me find this lovely and cherished book that was lost along the way in my parents’ global travels.


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  1. Adrienne

    Children of Many Lands, by Dana Bruce and Elizabeth F. McCrady, (1936, 1960.) Published by The Platt & Munk Co., Inc.


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