340X: Man Befriends Ghost At Haunted House

I am looking for a picture book that I enjoyed when I was a child in the late 70s. It was hardbound and told the story of a man who had a long-nosed coupe and inherits/comes into a mansion and after a foggy drive there and inhabiting it discovers it is haunted. He discovers a secret tunnel underground (under a lake?) and ultimately makes friends with the ghost and I believe is led to a stash of treasure. I loved this story as I scared easily but was fascinated with ghosts, and in recollecting it reminded me slightly of Edward Gorey’s work. I think he might have been a bit Sherlockesque with a coat, hat and pipe. Had a very 60s/70s style and sensibility in the illustration. Would love to have a copy. Thank you for your sleuthing!

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  1. Jen the Librarian

    I love the illustrations in this book! It is The Haunted Spy by Barbara Ninde Byfield. There were sequels (The Haunted Tower and The Haunted Churchbell) but in my opinion neither of them were as good as The Haunted Spy.


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