340I: Girl Wakes Up Inside Dollhouse (Solved!)

I read this book in 1995 from a middle school book fair. It was a children’s/young adult book. The cover had an evil doll with brown hair and looked like the doll was bursting through the cover. I remember the main character was a girl probably 10-12 years old. There was something about a dollhouse and waking up inside the dollhouse. Maybe she and her family had just moved to a new house? There was a part where the main character begins to realize she is inside the dollhouse because she finds a wide tooth comb and describes it as very large like someone would use if they had dreadlocks. Why I specifically remember that, no idea. I managed to lose the book over the years but it was a nostalgic favorite of mine. Hopefully you can help.

5 thoughts on “340I: Girl Wakes Up Inside Dollhouse (Solved!)

  1. Lisa Houlihan

    Based only on “child in dollhouse”, a couple of titles for you to investigate:
    Jane Louise Curry, Mysterious Shrinking House
    William Sleator, Among the Dolls
    Sylvia Cassedy, Behind the Attic Wall
    I don’t know why that last occurs to me with the others, which do certainly involve a child in a dollhouse, but it does.


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