339N: Who is the author? Begins with Stephen…not King or Crane (Solved!)

I am recalling an early short story writer, from the 1930s and 1940s, he wasn’t known as a science fiction author but wrote a piece of science fiction about a take over of the world by machines. They weren’t AI or anything that sophisticated. No microprocessors. The takeover included automobiles and even irons and vacuum cleaners. The machines just revolted. I think that the story was told by a person in an enclosed room waiting to die, telling his tale. The writer’s first name was Stephen. My parents had a copy of “The Complete Works of Stephen….” or “The Collected Works of Stephen….” but I can’t remember his last name. Does anyone who it might be? I believe he also wrote some poetry included in the set.  I think there were two volumes.

4 thoughts on “339N: Who is the author? Begins with Stephen…not King or Crane (Solved!)

  1. Donna Gordon

    It’s my question, and a friend answered it on facebook. The volumes were “Collected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet” and the story in question was “Nightmare Number 3.”

  2. Charlotte (MotherOwl)

    Maybe you’re looking for ‘Inanimate Objection’ by H. Chandler Elliott? I’m not sure, but it could be the one. I have read it. I remember typewriters running amuck. If I stumble over it, I’ll return.

  3. Charlotte (MotherOwl)

    I’m happy you found it. Now the story I was thinking of – same idea, but not this poem – will haunt me. And no, “Inanimate Objection” was NOT the one.


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