338Z: Witches and a Magic Stone

A young girl spends the summer with her Aunt Margaret (sometimes called Meg). The young girl finds an unusual stone that unknowingly to her, belongs to a forgetful witch named Lanie, who needs the stone in order to be able to fly. The witches come back looking for the stone, but the young girl has hidden it. Most of the book is about their efforts to get the stone back. At the end of the story, the young girl discovers her Aunt is actually the queen of or head of those same witches and in fact, is herself a witch and she has a pet black cat as her familiar. This is a young adult chapter book with pictures that I read in the 70’s.

3 thoughts on “338Z: Witches and a Magic Stone

  1. Kelly w

    A possibility could be Sneaker Hill by Jane Little. Or even Mary Stewart’s The Little Broomstick?

  2. Valerie Bundy

    Thank you. Unfortunately, it’s neither, although after reading the brief descriptions on them both, they sound like stories I would enjoy!


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