333F: Greenwich Village jazz father and son (Solved!)

Growing up in a small town in Eastern Washington in the early 1970’s, I read a book I still remember. It’s a middle school targeted chapter book with a few line drawing illustrations. My copy was paperback. It features a father and son, the dad is a jazz musician / fan, I think they live in the Village - or at least someplace downtown NYC. Maybe there is some music that is played on the rooftop? Maybe parents are divorced? Published pre-1974.

3 thoughts on “333F: Greenwich Village jazz father and son (Solved!)

  1. Kelly W

    Teddy Bear Habit, definitely. There’s also a sequel, called Rich and Famous.

    (And if you liked that one, you should try Me, Cassie by Anita Feagles. It’s hard to find, but well worth it!)

  2. Susan

    I think you are right and you are more than E – Excellent, Energetic, Educated, Exciting! Thank you for your knowledge and for making my day.


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