330G: Runaway Fairy Finds Love Along With Her Sister

Ok, so this is an illustrated children’s book (the one I remember having was large and hard cover) and the details are fuzzy but this is what I remember. The style of the illustrations was similar to Kinuko y Craft’s although I don’t think it was done by that illustrator.
Basically, it’s about a fairy who runs away from home (she is blonde) and has to live by a stream and eats blackberries and is all alone.  Then a fairy prince finds her and likes her,  but his sisters are jealous of her – but he doesn’t care. The final scene is a gorgeous illustration of their JOINT wedding with the fairy, her sister and the fairy prince and his brother.  The protagonist fairy is beautiful and has blonde hair and her sister is pale and has black hair. It might be a version of the story of Thumbelina!
Please help, this was my favorite children’s book and I know this isn’t a lot of information but if you found it, I would be so happy!!!!

2 thoughts on “330G: Runaway Fairy Finds Love Along With Her Sister

  1. Kirsten Donaldson Wheal

    The element of the sister and the princesses running away to lead a humble life reminds me of the Scottish fairytale Kate Crackernuts – did the jealous sisters magically replace the pretty blonde sister’s head with a sheep’s head, by any chance?

    (Yes, Scottish folktales tend to be pretty weird.)


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