328T: Kids Travel to Prehistoric Age

I am looking for a book I read in junior high back in the early 80’s. I am guessing it was from the 1950s or 60s because the book was older looking with that canvas style cover and it was green. It was about 4ish siblings (some could have been friends) that went back in time or into another dimension to the prehistoric age. I think they went through some sort of shrubbery door, but not sure. I remember them, of course, trying to get back home, because there were dinosaurs and they didn’t have much food. They came across some sort of plant at some point that sustained them. I thought the title was something about being “Lost in Time”, “Forgotten World/Past”, etc. but just a guess. Thank you kindly for any help. I have Google searched and came across a couple of books about adults getting lost in prehistoric times but this was for sure about kids and I think they were siblings and maybe even a friend with them. Maybe the oldest being early teens down to a 7 year old. Again, thanks and I hope you can help!

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  1. Kelly W

    I remember a similar book with a Lost Planet kind of title where the brother and sister were searching for their father, who had used the time machine first. The author was between Christopher and Collier….

  2. GJacobs

    Sounds like “Journey to the beginning of time” mini TV serial
    I watched in the late 1960s, It might have been produced in the late 1950s or early 60s.
    A group of kids goes to a museum to see dinosaur skeletons. Afterward they rent a canoe by the museum and travel down a tunnel that I think had shrubbery hiding mouth of tunnel.Turns to a ice tunnel toward end (Ice Age). Soon realize they are going further back in time as climate and different extinct species come and go. No adults or older children in the series maybe 5th to 7th graders 1 is brainy about what they are seeing.
    Hope this helps.


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