299F: Rebuilt Dog

The book is about a German Shepherd dog named Maximillian who is injured in a fire. He is then rebuilt using robotic/bionic parts. The author is a woman and is likely either British or German.

4 thoughts on “299F: Rebuilt Dog

  1. Megan

    Not a book, but the TV series The Bionic Woman had a bionic German Shepherd named Max. Maybe some sort of novelization?

  2. Randy Richter

    Additional information I left out of my original query: this book was most likely published between 1965 and1975.

  3. Sara

    A different breed, but this reminds me of Max: The dog that refused to die by Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne – lost dog from a scary German breed, author was American but raised in Russia and as the narrator comes across as not American, dog is lost/injured and has to be nursed back to health. Late 1970s publication.

  4. Susan

    I think Megan has it, the Bionic Woman. All those tv series had books featuring the characters. Try “The Bionic Woman Annual; Featuring Maximillian the Bionic Dog”, published in 1978, though I expect other Bionic Woman books also had that character


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