281D: A magical story within a story

I’m trying to find a book for my partner.  All she could tell me about the book was is the following. There was a story book within the book that people (bad guys) were trying to find, the story within the book would change depending on who read it. Also the main character often went by the alias of Joe English because people were after him and he needed to keep his identity a secret?

I don’t know what my chances are of finding this book but if you have an idea or know what the book is, please help a girl out and let me know!!

3 thoughts on “281D: A magical story within a story

  1. Brian Bloom

    The “changing story within the story” sounds a little like “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson, but there was no character named Joe English that I can recall.

  2. Sharna godbold

    I have more information!!
    Every chapter is in a different character’s perspective.

    Dystopian book set in the future.

    The book is found in a sewer of some sort, or in a sewer for a while at one point.

    Something about thief and theft

    Thought it was the book thief before Marc zusak.


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