263H: A puppy waits for the perfect owner (Solved)

Probably considered a “first reader” though might qualify as a picture book. Read to me in the late 70’s but could be as early as late 60’s. The book is about puppies in a pet store window waiting for their owners to choose them. The cover (or an illustration inside if not the cover) is a view of the pet store storefront with two windows on either side of the door. Puppies on both sides. In the book people keep coming in and choosing dogs and they all resemble the person choosing them. A take on the dogs look like their owner concept. Tall skinny people with tall skinny dogs…etc. The beagle puppy is waiting and waiting until a boy in a baseball hat (red?) comes in for him. I think the boy had previously seen the dog and had been told he had to save his money.

The illustrations might be mainly line draws and are in yellow/brown/red tones as far as I remember. My mother belonged to a book club that automatically sent books so this may have been a book club selection. It’s so frustrating to be able to remember it so clearly but not be able to find it. Hopefully someone can help!



5 thoughts on “263H: A puppy waits for the perfect owner (Solved)

  1. Emily

    Thank you all so much! I was so excited to see your replies…Then so sad to see the book goes for $40 everywhere! I’ll find it though. Thanks again!!!

    1. Priscilla Wright

      Thrift stores! I’ve found so many books at thrift stores for 79 cents that are way overpriced online. St. Vincent de Paul has a massive children’s book selection where I live, most for 79 cents.


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