260F: Girl raised by witches is really a fairy (Solved)

There was a book that I always took out of my elementary school library between 1975 and 1978.  Although I do not have the title, what I recall is as follows:

The book is about witches and fairies.  The little witch in the story never felt right with the other witches, they were mean. I think she used to see the fairies and wish she was one of them.  The middle gets fuzzy but towards the end she discovers that when she was a baby she was caught in the witches web and that’s how she came to be with them.  But she was really a fairy and was returned to them.

I know this is not much but at 47 years old I cannot put this story out of my mind.  I have always been an avid reader and hope to find this book.  It will haunt me otherwise.

8 thoughts on “260F: Girl raised by witches is really a fairy (Solved)

  1. Terry

    Thank you Lenona you solved the mystery for me! I cannot express how excited and emotional it made me to find out the name. Now I just have to locate a copy that won’t break the bank!! 🙂

  2. Nancy Bennett

    The plot is similar to one of my favorites, originally published in1953, republished in 1990. “Little Witch” by Anna Elizabeth
    Bennett. Minx is a nine year old girl being raised by a witch, but she’s
    unhappy about being ” the witches child”. Eventually she discovers that her real mother is a fairy put under a spell by the witch.

    1. Douglas Campbell

      Is this the book where the little girl sees a mysterious and beautiful woman in her mirror that turns out to be her real mother?

  3. Loren Shumate

    This was my favorite book too and I also had it checked out from the library constantly

    I can’t find it? Who was the author?


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