260B: A robot, Robin Hood and time travel? (Solved)

Hey guys … I’m looking for a book that I always checked out in elementary school, which was about 1980-1986.  All I have to go on is what was on the cover, which was a robot, a knight (maybe) and either a huntsman, woodsman or Robin Hood. It might have been about time travel?  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “260B: A robot, Robin Hood and time travel? (Solved)

    1. Matt Piechocinski

      HOLY SHIITAKE! Dave, that’s totally it! Thanks buddy! I would check this book out every month … but never read it. I just liked the cover. Next time you’re in Chicago, I owe you a beer.

      Thanks everyone else for trying to help!

  1. Cori

    I don’t remember anything about a robot in this book, but could you be thinking of Max and Me and the Time Machine?


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