259F: Girl Plants Magic Trees (Solved)

A picture book that I checked out repeatedly from my elementary school library. No idea of title. I was checking it out 1986-1988ish, and I remember it being newer, so I’d guess printing would be late ’70s-early ’80s. The girl plants different things on one page, and then when you flip the page, the tree has grown from those “seeds.” I specifically remember her planting diamonds/gems and getting a tree covered in necklaces (I remember that tree as a shimmery blue-white). I feel like there was also a hat tree that grew. There were definitely several different ones. I also feel like there was an old man/grandfather character. I think the ending was some moral about planting love and getting a family, but I’m least certain about that.


Would love to get this book for my daughters. Many thanks for your help!


4 thoughts on “259F: Girl Plants Magic Trees (Solved)

  1. Cindy

    Was there a “button tree”? I have been searching for a similar sounding book, read in 1970’s.


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