255E: Humans mutate post alien catastrophe

SCI/FI mid-late ’70’s post alien catastrophe where humanity must rebuild itself based on combining all of the human subgroups that have evolved or mutated. One scene involves the mating of a regular male with a mutated and vicious female being.

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  1. celeste

    Some guesses:
    Twilight World by Poul Anderson.
    In years of crisis after World War 3, a mutant “village idiot” is found to possess strange powers that can save the world.

    The Jewels of Aptor by Samuel R. Delany
    In a future post-nuclear holocaust Earth, civilization has regressed to a pre-technological society. Student and poet Geo sails on a boat with the mysterious priestess of the goddess Argo, who is voyaging to a strange land plagued with high radiation and mutant human beings.

    Mutant by Lewis Padgett
    After the Blow-Up, the children of a small group of the survivors were born with the capacity for telepathy – to perceive and share the thoughts of others. This minority, once the children became able to communicate their ability, became a feared and quarantined group; “ordinary” humans felt that their privacy had been taken from them and that the mutants, the “Baldies” (so called because of their most distinguishing visible characteristic) by knowing their most secrets could destroy them.

    The Third Mutant by Lee Elliot

    One-Eye by Stuart Gordon
    They fought for racial purity in Phadraig. All around were monsters, but the stern heirarchy of the old city was ruthless. Patrick Cormac was their greatest defender – where he stood, the mutants would be halted. But the long-heralded birth of the one-eyed child broke the tradition. Not only was it impossible to slay this god-to-be, but Patrick himself became its first convert. Beyond the walls of Phadraig lay the route to the new era, and there Patrick and his brave companions brought One-Eye to the mutants – and to the tower where the last of the old science-wizardry still held the centuries in thrall

  2. AMA

    I have read that story and am trying to remember what it is. If it rattles loose from my brain I’ll let you know.


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