249G: Treasure concealed in a barn

I read this book in the 90’s but do not know if it was published prior.

There is a young boy whom begrudgingly goes to a family members home (may be a grandparent although I do not recall this aspect specifically). I think it was for his summer vacation. There is a local legend of missing treasure, maybe it was stolen? Many people have looked for the treasure over the years, but of course the boy finds it in a barn. I think the barn was on the property where he had been staying for the summer.

The treasure had been melted down and molded/crafted into items commonly found in a barn and covered or painted to conceal it. I believe he chipped off some paint of a candle stick or something, and the wagon in the barn actually was made of gold and also painted or covered in disguise. I hope this is enough to figure this out, I really loved the book as a kid and now want to read it to my children.



3 thoughts on “249G: Treasure concealed in a barn

  1. Mystery-Reader


    I have the book right here. 🙂 It is The Mystery of the Missing Treasure by Janet Lorimer. The Apple paperback version is from 1987, and its cover shows Pete and his new friend looking into the barn. Copies are on eBay right now too.

  2. Tracy

    I remember The Mystery of the Missing Treasure! That’s the one where a boy had witnessed someone hiding the treasure years ago but died of an illness shortly afterward, before he had a chance to tell anyone about it. One of the modern boys in the story keeps having visions, where he sees things that the dead boy saw, and he uses the visions to figure out where the treasure is.


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