246F: Children’s Book about How to Drive a Car

My dad said he used to read a book that “taught him how to drive a car.” He was born in 1959, so I imagine this book was published in the 60s or maybe early 70s. It was a children’s book. That’s all I have to go on for now, as I hope to get him this as a surprise Christmas gift. I may ask him to provide more details if this doesn’t ring a bell with anyone.


1 thought on “246F: Children’s Book about How to Drive a Car

  1. Irene

    The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson published in 1975. A deadly virus has swept through the world killing everyone off over the age of 12. Lisa Nelson teaches herself to drive in order to reach grocery stores and warehouses to find food. She teaches herself to drive by repeating the steps her father told her mother in the car. She eventually takes over the local high school as a fortress city.


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