242D: Bunny with large family (Solved)

I’m trying to find a book that my daughter remembers me reading to her in the 80s when she was about 5 years old. In the book there’s a female bunny with a large family.  They annoy her so she runs away and creates her own house.  Eventually she realizes that she misses her family. It was illustrated on each page with small black and white illustrations.  It was also a small sized book, a little smaller than a trade paperback.  My daughter remembers it as a long book, but that is probably a kid’s impression.  Probably no more than 20 pages.

6 thoughts on “242D: Bunny with large family (Solved)

    1. Susan A

      No, unfortunately it’s not that one. In the book I’m looking for, the bunny is a girl bunny who sets up her own house. Thanks for sending your idea!

  1. Julie

    No idea of the title, but I’ve been looking for a book of just that description for years! 1980’s sounds right. To add to your description, there is a page/illustration where she invited some friends over and they went swimming and after her friends went home realized she missed her little siblings (she was the oldest) and eventually decided to go home to visit her family. I seem to recall color photos rather than black and white, though.
    I don’t think it’s the book by Marilyn Sadler.

  2. Susan A

    Thanks for adding those details. I thought it was in color as well, but my daughter remembered black and white. I hope someone can help us find it!

  3. Susan A

    Yes — I’m nearly sure that’s it – thank you so much! It looks like it may be out of print, but I’m so happy to at least now have the title.


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