240E: Death of a King (Solved)

I can’t remember the title of the book but I vaguely remember something about a bird maybe. I do however, remember some plot of the book. There was a boy who grew up from nothing, he is very charming and everyone loves him. He makes a best friend another boy and they travel together. They meet a girl and she is completely devoted to the charming boy, but he doesn’t spare her the time of day. The best friend is taken with her. At the end of the story there is a tournament to win the kingdom and the hand of a lady. The charming boy wants her really bad but she already has a guy and when they fight in the tournament the lady’s guy loses and charming guy wins the kingdom and her hand in marriage. The plot twist was that the lady and her guy stab the charming guy in the back and he ends up dying at the very end. His best friend takes over and gets vengeance on the lady’s guy. And he ends up ruling the kingdom with the girl that charming guy had no time for.

2 thoughts on “240E: Death of a King (Solved)

  1. Lisa Houlihan

    This sounds like the final part of Cynthia Voigt’s Wings of a Falcon, the third in her Kingdom series (Jackaroo, Fortune’s Wheel, this, Elska). The bulk of the book is how the two young men grow up together and survive many scrapes before arriving in the Kingdom.


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