239G: Old woman and a wolf? (Solved)

I have been trying to conjure up what this book is that I had as a child. I could have sworn it was The Old Woman and the Wolf, but I’m not sure. I have stumbled onto The Wolf and the Old Woman, but I can’t find a description of what that book is about, plus the illustrations look wrong in the one image I saw of the cover (not to mention it was published in ’94, much too late for what I’m looking for).
As far as I can remember, it was about a lonely woman who lived by herself in the woods and a wolf would come to visit her. I think at first the wolf was pesty and she wasn’t fond of it, but over time she and it became friends and at the end, either she or the wolf dies. I remember it taking place season after season, over several years, and for some reason the winter season rings a bell. Like she keeps getting colder and colder every winter.
I know that it was a larger book, about the same size as Make Way for Ducklings. And it possibly had one of those medal insignias on its cover, although its possible that I’m mistaking that for MWfD.
I’ve been searching for this book for years and would do a great big happy dance if anyone at your store is able to somehow help me out with this. I want to get a copy for my own kids. And it certainly wasn’t a cutesy book by any means, had a darker vibe than a lot of children’s books.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

2 thoughts on “239G: Old woman and a wolf? (Solved)

  1. Nicole

    Actually, the more I think about it, I think the story had to do with a lonely old woman who lived in the woods visiting ducks (or some kind of bird) at a pond year after year. Winter still rings a bell, and death is certainly a theme, and winter plays a part. GAH, I wish my memory were better…

  2. Nicole

    I found it! The book is actually called The Wounded Duck! Memory is a funny thing, but at last I found what I was searching for, and on this blog no less! I am one happy customer!
    Consider this solved!


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