232G: Steps to becoming a king


Around 1976 in the U.S., a librarian read our class a book about a boy that wanted to become king. He asked the king how. The king explained he became king by being able to jump to the top of the castle. The boy practiced with hay bails, but had no luck jumping so high. The boy’s dog could jump to the top of the hay bails by going one bail at a time. The boy then knew how to get to the top of the castle.

The book had pictures and could be easily read in one class period.

Thanks for any help in locating this book.

Charles Dorman
Jersey City, NJ

3 thoughts on “232G: Steps to becoming a king

  1. lenona

    Just wanted to say: If it IS the Elkin book, please be aware that, contrary to what it says in another thread, Elkin was NOT Dr. Seuss! For one thing, Elkin was born seven years later and became a Chicago principal.


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