224H: Stone Soup

The title is Stone Soup. I don’t know the author or year, but the main characters were pigs instead of humans and I think all the townspeople were various other animals but I’m not sure. I believe the background of the cover was light blue and there was a picture of the pigs on front. Also, it was hardcover. I read this book probably in 1985-1986, but I don’t know when it was actually published.

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  1. Angela M

    I think this could be “Stone Soup Retold by Marilyn Sapienza – Illustrated by Hans Wilhelm”. The cover shows two pigs standing on a grassy area. One pig is wearing a chef’s hat and holding a large wooden spoon. The second pig is holding a large red, steaming pot with two stones and a handle sticking out of it. The two pigs are “Max” and “Molly”.


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