193C: Littlest Hippo

The book I am looking for was a children’s book from the 1960′s. I don’t know who the author was. I blieve it was called “The Littlest Hippo” the story was about a herd of hippos whom lived together and the smallest hippo either became separated, or was they might have all been looking for something that they couldn’t find. the little hippo looked behind things, under things around things, etc. it wasn’ until he figured out to look “UP” that he found what he was looking for (which may have been the rest of the herd of hippos).

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  1. Chanda

    This may be ‘The Secret Hiding Place’ by Rainey Bennett (1960).

    “Wanting privacy from the herd, Little Hippo searches for a hiding place where he can be alone, but not too alone.”

    Little Hippo is doted on by the herd, but needs a little autonomy – a place where he can be alone, but not too alone. He finally finds his special place (atop a large rock) when he realizes that the big hippos never look up!

  2. James Hodock

    I had this book when I was very young approx. 3-5 ? It may have changed titles because I remember the Title as being The Littlest Hippo as well. However both of the descriptions are accurate. This book went out of print in the late 60’s. Someplace in my attic I am pretty sure I have this book. It is a very simple but precious story. This book should be reprinted. I own a specialty toy shop and this book would fit in perfectly. …… Jamie

  3. Kenneth Richardson

    This was my favorite book as a child. I remembered the title as “The Littlest Hippo” as well, my search leading me here but when I saw the reply stating the title was, “The Secret Hiding Place”, I had an “oh yeah” feeling. I now recall the character, the little hippo, being called “The Littlest Hippo”. I had the story memorized and essentially learned to read from that little book.

  4. El Burr

    Did you ever find the book? was my favorite too. A neighbor brought it over as a gift after I had my tonsils out. I’ve never forgotten it. A family member, thinking it was their own box of books, threw the box in a dumpster when cleaning out. I was staying with him while in college study and had the books stored in a box in the basement…Still upset about that, have only been able to recover a couple of those books

    1. Char

      This was one of my favorite books when I was a youngster growing up in the 1960s. I loved the story. I’m thinking I might still have it in a box in storage and plan to check soon after an upcoming move. I, too, recall it as having been called, “The Littlest Hippo” and the plot description meets that mentioned in this thread – a baby hippo hiding on top of a rock or hill and no one being able to locate him because the rest of the herd didn’t ever look up.
      Hiding in plain sight must be an appealing concept to children; I know it appealed to me.

  5. Seeker

    WOW! I too remember it as The Littlest Hippo and it was one of my all time favorite books as a kid. So sad that it is out of print because my copy disappeared with my childhood.

  6. Gill

    The story ‘The Secret Hiding Place’ is reprinted in some readers/collections.

    ‘Secrets’ by William Kirtley Durr

    ‘Sunburst’ by William Kirtley Durr

    ‘Where the Clouds Go’ by Sam Sebesta

    Also: ‘Skylights’ by Durr, and ‘Changes’ by Gail Heald-Taylor

    There are a handful of copies of the original book for sale, bookfinder.com has them listed.

  7. Lee

    Thank you, everyone, for these comments. I was at a concert last night, standing on an upper landing and, unseen, looking down at all the other people there, and I thought about this book that I loved more than any other as a small child. When I looked for it online, this site is the only thing I could find. What I would give to have my old, worn, copy of that wonderful book!


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