191H: alligator or crocodile lady who is dressed in women’s clothes

I’m looking for a children’s fiction book that my father used to read to me in the 1980’s. It’s about an alligator or crocodile lady who is dressed in women’s clothes. She has three parrots/birds and they are always telling her what to do. They say, “Cook spaghetti! Make popcorn!” At the end of the book, her house overflows with popcorn. It would mean the world to my father and I to be able to find this book and read it together again! Thank you!

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  1. Kelly W

    I so wish I could help more! I remember a book like this, but I don’t remember the author or title. I know that at my library, it was on the “G” author shelf, somewhere after Gardiner, but before Greene. I think the title had an abbreviation–like S.O.S. and it may have had the word Underground in either the title or a long subtitle.

    Now, it may not be the same book you’re remembering, but I thought I’d share, just in case it rings any bells for anyone else.

    Good luck!

  2. chanda

    I don’t know about OP’s book, but Kelly’s suggestion reminds me of a slightly weird childhood favorite, ‘The Great Escape -or- The Sewer Story’ by Peter Lipman. The story tells of a bunch of alligators living in the New York storm sewers after having been flushed by their owners when they grew too big. The alligators hatch a plot to escape to Florida by dressing up in clothes, opening a checking account and arranging for package deliveries, and doing a lot of catalogue shopping. Finally, disguised as people, they charter a plane to Florida and parachute out over the swamp. If an alligator dressed as an old woman with a big hat (or a parachuting alligator in a pearl necklace) sound familiar, then this could be the one you’re remembering. Unfortunately, this is not the book OP is looking for as it has no parrots and no popcorn or spaghetti.

    1. Kelly W

      That’s definitely the one I was thinking of Chanda! I guess I didn’t remember it as well as I thought though…

  3. Nancy Lenert

    But this isn’t solved. In the one who posted this and the books mentioned above are not the book in looking for. In starting to think that I’ll never find it.

    1. Ami Bray

      Sorry Nancy,
      I was trying to have someone help me with Stumpers during the holidays and they forgot to match up email addresses. The listing is reopened.

  4. Denise

    So, was it Alexander & the Magic Mouse by Martha Sanders? I too loved this book-I remember the red cover & victorian themed art style. Published in 69′.


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