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FLEA Market
& Festiva
Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Euclid Beach Rocket Car

    neighborhood connections

An old-time street festival with food, fanfare, and the famed Euclid Beach Rocket Car PLUS fabulous special sales by Larchmere merchants, dealer friends and residential neighbors of antique, vintage and useful things.

From junk to jewels and kitsch to collectible! 

A distinguished sale of sundry and varietal goods 
ranging from the old, ordinary and useful 
to the sublime, cool and collectible. 

Food, drink & merriment

** Download a Festival map! **

Antiques Show
In addition to the antiques stores on Larchmere, we've invited other dealers to join the festivities, so come feast on a fine variety of antiques.  Most of the Larchmere dealers will display goods on the sidewalks in front of their shops, while the visiting antiques vendors will be set up in the landscaped Shaker Heights lot.

Shaker Heights parking lot, 12755 Larchmere Blvd.

Dealers include:  Ann Douglas, Bingham Antiques, Boar's Head Antiques, Conservation Studios, Cecilia DeCaprio, Eden Aniques, George M. Kegg, John Young Inc., Lakewood Antique Mall, Marc Goodman Antique Mall, Stockbridge Antiques, Ron Young.

Arts and Crafts Fair
In addition to our usual antiques vendors, we've added some local artists and galleries to the mix.  Artists always add a little extra spice, and we're happy to have as many different genres and mediums as our local artists provide.  Demand was so great this year that we've added another area to accomodate all the vendors.

American Crafts parking lot, 13010 Larchmere Blvd.
Community Housing Solutions parking lot, 12114 Larchmere Blvd.

Artists include:   3 Beading Sisters, American Crafts Gallery, Artist Terry Mitchell, Bana-Ag Women's Cooperative, Benjamin Rose Institute, BMS Gift Designs, Courageous Cards, Dancing Sheep, Ecentric Collections, Harvey Wooden Roses, Intuition by Leah, Jones Collections LTD, Judy Maruszan Photo Art, Karry McMillan Hatch, Laughing Rabbit Drunken Spider, Lia Sophia Fashion Jewelry, Lise Anderson, Monrovia, Mystuff, Polyul Ohio Tibetan Buddist, Revive, Semillas de Paz, Uniquely Moxy, Christine Wacker

Collectibles Exchange
They may not be your grandmother's antiques, but collectibles are a thriving and hot market commodity these days (look at eBay!).  We'll group the 20th-century vintage goods together so you can have a live collectibles experience and see the wonders of plastic, metals, ceramics and glass in our culture.  From trains and dolls to lighters and lunchboxes, your nostalgia buttons will go crazy with delight.  We're also working on getting a nationally known collectibles expert to have a Q&A booth here, stay tuned for news.

former Headfooters parking lot, 12610 Larchmere Blvd.

Dealers include: Corcoran Fine Arts, Elegant Extras, Funky Junkman, Record Man, J. E. Porcelli Art and Aniques, Thriftique, TGP Collection.

Community Flea Market 
The residents of the Larchmere Community Association are joining the merchant ranks!  The parking lot at Mo and Son's will be full of community tables selling everything from grandma's fine china to toys and toasters.   From collectibles to useful finds, the variety promises to be surprising and rewarding.  The official LCA 50/50 raffle station will be here too.  Buy some tickets to help support the community security program!

Mo's parking lot, 12605 Larchmere Blvd.
LCA Residents!  Download your registration forms here!

It's not a festival without music and rides.  So, music and rides we will have!  We also invite all children who participated in the Parade the Circle  festivities to come in costume for special prizes and treats!  Why?  Because it's a shame to work that hard on a costume and to only wear it once, and we know you'll have fun just walking down the street as a fairy or a dragon or hula-hoop caterpillar.  Show us your creations in an informal setting so we can tell how cool they really are. 

1:00-4:00    Euclid Beach Rocket Car
1:00-2:00    Sidewalk Chalking
12:00-3:00  Passport Project Global Dance & Music Collective
all day         Prizes for children in costume

Food Offerings
Of course there's already great food options on Larchmere.  But special events call for special diversity and flavor, and that means festival food.  

Shaker Quality Auto Body lot, 12916 Larchmere Blvd.

Vendors Include:  Academy Tavern, Big Al's Diner, Boulevard Blue, DiVita's Larchmere Deli, East Coast Custard, Ubanks Personalized Creations, Felice Urban Cafe, Flying Cranes, Jenny's Sweets, L'arche, Larchmere Tavern, Shaker Quality festival foods, Windy Hill Sugar Camp. 

Community Resource Expo
In our efforts to help the neighborhood non-profits in the area, and well as a community service to our neighborhood, we have an area dedicated to non-profits and green businesses.  Stop by and learn how rich your community is.

JP Quality Printing front parking area, 12614 Larchmere Blvd.

Businesses include:  Benjamin Rose Institute, Cleveland Department of Health, East Side News, Environmental Health Watch, Interreligious Task Force on Central America, Vegetarian Advocates

Local Author Book Fair
Loganberry Books is hosting a Local Author Book Fair in conjunction with the Larchmere Flea Market.  Mainstream and self-published authors alike will be available to talk about their work, sign books, and sell their latest literary creations.

Loganberry Books driveway, 13015 Larchmere Blvd.
See roster with blurbs here

Authors include:  Tom Acierno , Alice Baburek , Gail Ghetia Bellamy, Cynthia A.Christman, Casey Daniels, George N. Havens, Michael Heaton, Timothy C. Hudak, Beverly Medley Jones, Bebe Weinberg Katz, Rob Levandoski, Holly McCain,
Marian J. Morton, Carolyn Nilson, James Renner, Sandra Roach, Les Roberts, Anne Southworth (McFarland), Jim Stracensky, Vicki Blum Vigil, Adrienne Zurub

Parking Availability
Larchmere Boulevard will not be closed to traffic, so you'll be able to park on the boulevard itself, as well as various parking lots and sidestreets.  In particular, three local parking lots will be available again this year for our customers: the lot at LifeSkills on Larchmere and E. 121st St, the lot at Our Lady of Peace Church on Shaker Blvd at E. 126th St., and the parking lot at Fairhill Center at Fairhill and E. 119th St.  All are in walking distance to the festivities on Larchmere, and the Euclid Beach Rocket Car can help with transportation between 1:00-4:00pm.  Directions.

LifeSkills, 12201 Larchmere Blvd.
Our Lady of Peace, 12406 Buckingham Rd. at E. 126th St.
Fairhill Center, 12200 Fairhill Rd.

Raffle Opportunity  
A 50/50 Raffle will be offered to help support both the Larchmere Merchants Association and the Larchmere Community Association.  Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6 tickets.  The lucky winner will receive 50% of the pot in good old green cash!  Buy your tickets at the LCA booth at Mo's lot.  We may even have groovy t-shirts for sale, stay tuned.

Mo's parking lot, 12605 Larchmere Blvd.

Services Galore  
Larchmere Boulevard is home to an eclectic and talented pool of local artisans and service professionals.  Support your hometown resources! 

Services include:  Alina's Tailoring, Allstarz Barber Salon, AmTrust Bank, Argentina's Hair Salon, Conservation Studios, Earthward, Epstein Design Partners, Even Cutt Barber Shop, Harmon & Associates, JP Quality Printing, Larchmere Imports, Leit Mo Tiv Salon, LifeSkills Center NE, Lutheran Housing Corporation, Mo & Son Inc., N. Turner & Associates, Rebecca's Shaker Barber Shop, Shaker Quality Auto Body, Shaker Photo Studio, Smith Woodland Dry Cleaners, Spiraling Upward, State Farm Insurance, The Place on Larchmere, Visions of Drama, Yoder Conservation. 

Shopping Extravaganza 
Don't miss these great Larchmere shops!  Fine clothing and gifts may not fall under the antiques moniker, but no doubt they rank highly on your covet list.

Shops include:  A Cultural Exchange, The Dancing Sheep, Fine Points, Frog's Legs, Gentleman's Quarters, Milner Wallpaper, Sene Afrique, Wool and Willow Needlepoint. 

Workshop Wonders
It's fun to just walk and see friends from the neighborhood and amazing things for sale.  But it's even better when you can learn a little something or see an artist at work. That's why we have ongoing workshops throughout the day, sponsored by the follks who make their homes on Larchmere Boulevard.  Workshops are on the sidewalks throughout the street, close to the business sponsoring the demonstrations.

Workshops include: 
Health seminars at Beyond Fitness, Wool spinning at Fine Points, Mask construction at Loganberry Books, Silk Sun Catcher making at Dancing Sheep, Wool Spinning at Fine Points

Dealer Info 
Load-in begins at 9am.  Antiques vendors will be in the Shaker Heights parking lot, arts and crafts vendors in the former American Crafts Gallery lot, community residents in Mo's parking lot, with Larchmere merchants and overflow dealers spread out on sidewalks in front of stores.  Additional lots and areas may be used as needed.  Contact Harriett Logan for more information.  Download the Registration form here.   Directions.

Neighborhood Connections 
The Larchmere Flea Market and Festival is presented in part with support from Neighborhood Connections.  The Cleveland Foundation's Neighborhood Connections is a special grants program designed to assist Cleveland neighborhood groups to strengthen the social network of their community while dealing creatively with their most important concerns.  Grants are intended to spur small grassroots community efforts, and while doing so, to assist groups and individuals in the community to connect with others.  Grants may be used for a wide array of activities and projects, and groups are encouraged to think in new ways about what will work in their communities and with whom they might partner.  Since the begainning of 2005, the program in operating citywide.  All grants are reveiwed by a commitee of 18 Cleveland reisdents who make final decisions as to who will be funded.




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