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367W: The Undead Fetus

A male news reporter finds his pregnant wife dead. He is attacked and ends up in hospital. The police tell him the fetus is missing/stolen. He comes back home to find the fetus there. He buries it, but it crawls back out. His wife turns out to be an ancient god. There’s a cyclops. The town has a Halloween parade.

239A: A boy with wings

I’m looking for a trilogy the second book hardcover has a skeleton metal android on it and has a yellow background its at least a trilogy. It is about a winged boy, named Del, living in what sounds like a castle or a temple. He dies at one point and becomes a room but escapes the room. In another part his body is possessed by some spirit, I think it was a god, the God in Del’s body tore off his wings. I also remember that his eyes could change color. Right after the possession he, Del with the god in him, was in a room being tortured by someone. The girl that Del had been traveling with commented on his eyes being white with rage. After the god in Del’s body and the girl escape the god rips off the now damaged wings. After he dies he was in a room that was his soul it was painful for him to become a room. After he rips himself free he grounds up and devours some pictures which represent the souls. He did that because someone with him told him to. They said that it wouldn’t be as effective but should still help. There’s people riding something that the android is carrying someone sets the android free.

Thank you for at least trying to help,