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356R: Picture book with a castle maze inside the front and back covers

This book was a discarded library book my grandmother got from a teacher friend. I read it in the early 90s and I think the art looked like something from the 50s or 60s. Not many colors, lots of red, black, white, and grey.

Someone, a knight or a king, got trapped in a castle maze and was there a long time. So long that he grew lots of hair. There was something else in the castle maze too, I think it was the bad guy who trapped him.

I don’t remember many details of the story, just that I felt bad for the person being trapped in there for so long.

The one thing I do remember is the castle maze. It was printed from a birds eye view looking down. The maze took up two pages and showed various stages of a chase taking place through out it. This maze was printed on the inside cover and first page (before the title page) of the book, and in the center of the book, and on the last page and back cover.

355K: King Grouper

I’m looking for a children’s book (I think it was published in the 1960‘s) about a king who wanted everything in his castle arranged in groups – all the tables in one room, all the chairs in another, etc. Of course the results were disastrous – and funny. I don’t think King Grouper was the name of the book, but it may have been the King’s name. (Google search led me to books about fish!)

352A: World’s Scariest Ghost Stories for Kids

I’ve been trying to locate this children’s ghost stories book for decades now –
I got it through a school Weekly Reader form back in the 80s and the title was something like World’s Scariest Ghost Stories Ever …or something extremely close.

The book’s cover I had had a penciled like art on the front with a huge cloud in the sky with a mean looking old mans face blowing wind down at someone walking up a path.

It has multiple sub titled stories in it all teaching a lesson of some sort by the end.

One story is about a young girl who has 3 Golden Orbs and is made to sleep overnight in a haunted castle and must keep her orb until morning…again that’s the gist of it from my memory.

Another story is about a cook in big house and there’s is a little man who lives in the kitchen in a hole in the wall and makes a deal with the cook I think I believe the title of the story was Darby O Grady?

Yet another story was about skeleton’s skull that keeps crying out in a creepy old house in a room at the top of the stairs I think for “Crust of Bread”.

It was a paperback book I got it from a school Book Weekly Reader and I believe the book was published in the 70s originally as the book did have random art pages in it and the art was old time art with a renaissance clothing stye in the art. I remember in one art page there is a giant, who is a ghost in this big mansion who was chasing the little girl or something and the picture has a Giant in front of a large open shuttered window from the inside and the giant is standing but only has from his waist down and is missing his whole top half of his torso while holding a sword. He has renaissance knee high pants and high stockings like they wore in Benjamin Franklin’s era.

Another pic was from the Cook story where they show the cook standing in the kitchen at the stove area all of the art line illustration like a feather pen or pencil type simple but classic illustration. Only a handful of art pages scattered have art on them I believe its one art page for every sub story or less.

I am dying to find this book and capture a small piece of my childhood. If you can Help me at all in any way so that I can track this book and possibly buy one I would be Eternally Grateful.

Again thank you so very much for all your time and help with this 28 year long search.

350T: Red Dot Escape (Solved!)

This book would have been read to me in the late 70’s as a child. A man is locked in a stone tower or room (maybe in a castle) with only a small window at the very top. He must find a way out without opening the door. He ends up covering himself in red dots so the guards think he’s ill and take him out, he has found a way out without having opened the door. It was like a puzzle or riddle of sorts. I believe the man had red hair or a red beard.

346Y: Medieval Girl Watches Battle Out of Castle Window

The book was older and faded back in the early 90s, the art reminded me of the style of Stephen Kings Dark tower. It was found at a school library in the older kids/adult section and was defending fiction. The cover had a young girl with a solemn look in a red medieval dress sitting at a castle window. I remember something about a war or battle and it may have even been what she was watching out the window. I also remember a tilted drafting type table or needlework stand beside the girl. I was 9 when I started to read it and was told it was “too old” for me so it was taken before I could read more than the first couple of chapters. 

343S: Little kid’s picture book, about girl and castle, possibly and her family and I think animals

I cannot remember a lot about this book, but I know that the main “character” is a girl (it’s a short, mainly picture book) and I think she has a family too, like brothers. And I think they may live in a castle, surrounded by a moat. I seem to think there’s something to do with animals as well, whether they go to the zoo or have animals. I also vaguely might think there’s something to do with flying or a flying car/some type of vehicle/plane thing, but that could be wrong. Please help!!!!

339C: Lost Maiden Wanders Castle

Looking for a peek through picture book. I owned this book as a small child in the 80’s or early 90’s at latest. My family lived in both Europe (Italy) and US, and the book had English text. The book wasn’t aged, so the printing must have been recent to the 80s.

Story: minimal text and background. A beautiful young girl is lost or just wandering in the woods. In the forest she comes upon a seemingly abandoned castle or ruin. She wanders through halls and grounds covered in vines with broken branches. She meets no one but passes a suit of armor, an owl, possibly a fancy clock (may be confusing clock with The Last Unicorn). There might be a wizard or something in the background, but not sure. The page cutouts are windows or broken walls showing part of the next page. The book has a somber, ominous tone but she finally finds a way out.

Character: Not sure if she has a name, maybe Elsa, Ilsa, Ella Beautiful maiden with dark flowing hair. Wearing a simple dress, maybe white dress. See examples: storyberries. com/fairy-tales-little-snow-white-by-brothers-grimm/ pookpress. co. uk/shop/beauty-and-the-beast-john-hassall/

Book: a gorgeous picture book with intricate cut outs or peek throughs. The top of the pages form a layered forest of trees, ruined walls and arches. Think something like A Walk Through The Woods by Louise Greig barnesandnoble. com/w/a-walk-through-the-woods-louise-greig/1127544173 Thicker pages to support the cut outs. I’d think the book was intended for 4-9 years old

Illustration style: Vintage fairy tale. Limited color palette: black hair, white dress, cream/tans/brown/gray walls, green vines and leaves I’d love to figure out this book. I had a number of well done peek through books and panorama books as a child. It doesn’t seem like there are as many of these books available today.

327Q: Glass/Crystal Palace

I read this book in the late 1990s. It’s a picture book, with detailed illustrations. I remember rich colors, and I think they looked like watercolor paintings. What I remember of the plot: there are two princesses (maybe they’re cousins), and one lives in a castle or palace of crystal or glass. The other princess comes to visit her in her glass/crystal palace, and she arrives by boat—I think the illustrations are of a city similar to Venice, where the streets are canals, and I remember fun bridges with lots of stairs. I was intrigued by the details of the buildings in the drawings. Part of the story may have been that the princess who comes to visit lives in a palace made of some other specific material—brick, stone, wood—something like that, but I’m not certain. And she decides that she would rather go back to her palace of glass.

316G: The tarnished castle

Written before 1990.  It is a standard length children's story (circa 100 pages or more) about a group of children.  The first part of the story they have a playful time in a castle and a
moat etc...  It is described in such a lovely way.  The second part of the story (maybe they go back after they have grown
up?) they go back and it is described in a more realistic 'tarnished' way.  The moat is dirtied up and the grass has all died etc and it's not quite a castle etc etc etc....