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372J: Stowaway Samurai

I read it in the late 90s, so it was written before then.  The person that lent the book to me called it a ‘cult classic’.  If I had to guess, I would estimate that it written in late 1960s.
I seem to recall that it involved a Japanese samurai, but he could have been a giant.  It also could have been from China.  They were a stowaway and travelled to USA.  I believe it was San Francisco.  It may have hidden in steamer trunk.
This was not YA.  More of a fantastical book for adults with nice meaning.
I’ve been wondering about this book for about twenty years.

368K: Underwater Treasure Chest With A Single Doubloon

This is an illustrated book from the 80’s or more likely the 70’s. It entails a boy who rows his dinghy into the ocean. He spots something on the sea floor and dives down to find a treasure chest. He discovers that there’s a hole in the bottom of the chest so that there’s nothing in it save for a single doubloon. That either happens in the boat or back at the harbor — I think I recall an older sailor explaining the doubloon to him. It had beautiful art — especially the water refraction effects. I would love to show this book to my son.

366J: Kid’s Book about Sailboat Family

In the early 90s my dad used to read me a children’s book about a father teaching his daughter how to sail. The mom was against getting a boat at first, but then started tending to it like sewing curtains for it, and learned to love the boat. The family had a great adventure on the boat. 
That’s all I got! Any help would be appreciated 🙂 

364R: Beach Read Where Woman Moves Back Home on Boat

I’m looking for a book that I picked up in a B. Dalton in the mall in the late 90’s. Given the late 80’s/early vibe of the book I would say it was published in the 90’s. It was a novel, geared toward women, short and thick type. I guess now this type of book would be considered like a beach read or not serious writing (I don’t know the term) but I imagine it would be in the cozy reads section due to its lack of depth. The cover was beachy, with water and maybe a boat. From what I remember of reading the book there’s a girl who’s been out of her hometown doing her own thing and comes back to visit or move back and is arriving via the boat. There’s mention of a man or ex in town. She goes to a diner to eat or local restaurant and runs into friends. That’s all I can remember. I hope this helps enough to find it.