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347G: Children’s novels about Ancient Egypt – Akhenaten

There are two or three novels (more like junior high/high school novels - called YA today) in a series.  All about Akhenaten and his decision to worship the one god, Aten.  He and Nefertiti had several daughters, one named Merriaten?  Tutankhamen, who began life as Tutankhaten, was also in the later novels.  Very romanticized.  No plural marriage mentioned.

346L: NYC girl and cat go to ancient Egypt

Read in 1973-1978, for elementary school readers, minimal illustrations. A girl from the Upper West Side (i think) has a stepmother who she is in conflict with, and a cat who she loves. Somehow she and the cat are transported to ancient Egypt where cats are venerated, and maybe her cat is even Bastet. Someone in ancient Egypt also represents the present-day stepmother. Girl returns and the resolution with the stepmother is refreshingly NOT fantasy-perfect.