373O: Primer featuring a little fairy/brownie

I am looking for a copy of the first book I ever read (I have been looking for it since 1995 without success). What I remember is:
– I was born in 1960 and started reading in 1963. We were poor and the only books we had were from my father (born in 1940) so the book would have been 1920-1940s for when he went to school in 1945.
– I remember the color of the book had a dark sandy brown cover and had the words “first primer” or “young reader” on the cover. Primer figured prominently on the cover and/or title page but I cannot remember the exact wording. I think there was a square illustration on the cover but am not sure.
– There were stories, poems, and I think a musical score at the center of the book. The main story involved a little brownie (fairy/sprite) with a red cap, with squirrels for friends/neighbors. The illustrations were only two to three colors, red and brown primarily.
– I have been looking for this book for approximately 30 years. off and on, without success. Other books in the similar time frames come close but they are not the one. The closest ones in style, illustration, and structure are The Work-Play Books Make and Make Believe by Gates and Huber and The Children’s Own Readers Book Two by Ginn and Co. circa 1920s.
I grew up in Norwalk, CT in the 60’s if that helps in any way.

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  1. M Kiang

    Could it be the Palmer Cox Brownie Primer or one of the related books by Palmer Cox?
    The subject and publishing dates seem to be in line with your description.
    “The Palmer Cox Brownie Primer is a book that was arranged by Mary Catherine Judd in 1921. The book is based on the original Brownie books written by Palmer Cox, a Canadian author and illustrator, in the late 19th and early 20th century. The book is designed to be a primer for young readers, introducing them to the world of the Brownies. The Brownies are a group of mischievous, fairy-like creatures who live in the woods and enjoy playing pranks on humans. The book is filled with charming illustrations of the Brownies and their antics, as well as simple, easy-to-read text that is perfect for young readers. The Palmer Cox Brownie Primer is a delightful introduction to the world of the Brownies, and is sure to capture the imagination of children of all ages.”


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