372O: Vintage children’s photo book – 1960s or earlier

Hello Book Heroes!  The very back of my brain has been tickling me about a book I had as a child, and I’m hoping you can find it for me. 

I don’t recall whether there was any text at all, but I think they were nursery rhymes – what I DO remember is that the illustrations were all photos of miniature items arranged in scenes, perhaps with live baby animals (chicks, kittens, puppies)?  If they weren’t live animals, they would have been perhaps plastic figures, maybe with flocking to make them look fuzzy.

2 thoughts on “372O: Vintage children’s photo book – 1960s or earlier

  1. Chelle J.

    You might try the works of Harry Whittier Frees: “The Little Kitten’s Nursery Rhymes,” for instance.

    1. Faith

      Those predate the book I had – but absolutely they influenced that book. Thanks for the lead – diving down the kitten hole…


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