370B: Girl is bored by being in a whale’s stomach

I would like help finding a book from my childhood, please. I think I read it around 2004, but I often read older authors like Enid Blyton as a kid, so I don’t think this date narrows it down much. From what I remember, it was a book about a book. The characters were self aware, and had to relive the events of the book as it was being read. I recall a girl (possibly a princess) being bored as she was eaten by the same whale for the umpteenth time, and being unimpressed by her love interest. Outside this book, the lives of the readers went on. The book was read by a girl, and then left on a shelf until it was read by her granddaughter. The characters were aware of time passing, and missed the girl, and were surprised she had grown old. I’m sorry I can’t give more details.

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  1. Ann

    Not sure, but could this be Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy’s ‘Jane’s Adventures In and Out of the Book’ or one of its sequels?


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