364A: The bird who got a job

I am looking for a children’s book about a bird/vulture/hornbill that is different than other birds and gets a job. Wears hat and briefcase in the book. I remember hornbill specifically but could be another type of bird. Pictures from the book are abstract kind of, moody/dark different from normal books. May be set in Africa? I think he’s also reading a book on another page.

2 thoughts on “364A: The bird who got a job

  1. Kirsten Donaldson Wheal

    I wonder if it’s Two Can Toucan by David McKee. I remember it from my childhood but haven’t seen it for years.


    You can see some of the pictures from the inside here, including the page where Toucan is trying to get a job.

    Apparently it was McKee’s first book – he would later become very famous for the Elmer the Elephant series. He only died the other day.


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