363I: Making Red Candles for Winter

I’m a librarian, and here’s how the patron described the book she remembers:
This would have been in the early to mid 90s. I recall a children’s book that described preparation for winter and the most vivid thing I remember was candle making with red berries. I think it was set in New England and possibly discussed pilgrims??
The candle making method was hand dipping these red candles for winter.
Very vivid pictures, deep saturated colors, simple illustrations, not too much detail, more landscape focused.

(Someone has suggested Tomie DePaola’s An Early American Christmas, but that’s not it.)

6 thoughts on “363I: Making Red Candles for Winter

  1. ANN

    If it was set in New England, the red berries were probably cranberries. I think it would have been more usual to use bayberries for candles. Not sure this helps much!

  2. Charlotte

    I would suggest Wintergreen as the berries for candles, they give off a distinct, pleasant smell,and are waxy.
    I have no idea of this book,but Caddie Woodlawn came to my mind.


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