359C: Murder on the African Plantation

Romantic suspense or mystery, 1960s-1970s? Could be paperback. Young British woman goes to African plantation, murder. She goes home. Police inspector arrives at door. She may have been poor relation. African servants may play role.

3 thoughts on “359C: Murder on the African Plantation

  1. ANN

    Check out THE MOON BY NIGHT, by Joy Peterson Packer. No guarantee, but the heroine, Alice, is freed by the death of her invalid mother and visits South Africa. It’s been a very long time since I read this one and I can’t remember whether she visits a plantation or a game park, but she becomes a suspect in her mother’s death.

  2. Frankie

    Thanks for the tip, Ann. I don’t know Packer’s books, but I am going to have a look.The South African setting sounds promising. I think the inspector was at the heroine’s door at the end because he had fallen in love with her — but the fact that she was a suspect could have been why he didn’t speak when she was in Africa.

    The book might have been a romantic suspense paperback. But it’s been driving me crazy for years because there was something about it that I found interesting — not sure what — and I’ve never been able to find it again.

  3. Julie

    Possibly one of the murder mysteries by M.M. Kaye? They have exotic locations and romantic elements, I know one is titled Death in Kenya.


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