356S: Unicorn in Tapestry Comes to Life

I’m looking to find a book from my childhood, and have now been through hundreds of internet pages. Hoping you might have a lead! All I remember really is:

- illustrated color paperback picture book, probably c. Late ‘60s- late ‘90s

- story about a group of siblings moving into or visiting a castle? Maybe just an old house with a tower

- a unicorn from a tapestry comes to life, and he is white with a beard. The children bring him down out of the tapestry.

Things I’m not sure of but seem familiar:

-something about a yellow bedroom

- maybe an illustration with one of the children looking behind the tapestry

Thank you! The Magic Tree house has a story with some similar elements, but that’s not quite it.

6 thoughts on “356S: Unicorn in Tapestry Comes to Life

  1. Nel

    Hello again! It’s been a month and I’m just curious if that was the right book or if the search continues? I hope you’ve been well! 🙂

    1. Ruby Fleet

      Hello! Golly I haven’t been back to check essentially since I submitted the query! Unfortunately looks like this one was published in 2019, and I think what I’m looking for would have been published before 2005 at the very latest. Thank you for trying!

  2. Sandy

    I have this book! I will dig around for it and send you a message when I find it

    The Unicorn Surprise by Eric Suben


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