349Z: Shadow people in the backyard of a big house

Around 1975 my teacher read the class a story about a family that moved into a huge house.  Their children discovered a family of shadow people living in the backyard.  The living children can see the shadow people because of their size – the shadow people can only be seen by living people whose size is smaller than their own.  I couldn’t get the concept of the book and my teacher, whom I adored, was a large woman so she used herself as an example of why the living adults in the big house could not see the shadow people.  I have fond memories of the feeling the book imposed but that is all I can remember of the book.


3 thoughts on “349Z: Shadow people in the backyard of a big house

  1. Lisa Houlihan

    What you remember doesn’t quite align with the title I’m thinking of — to see the shadows as people rather than shadows you have to wash your eyes in the water from a particular fountain also in the backyard — but the feeling is right and how many books about living shadows can there be? So you might see if Betty Brock’s The Shades is the book you remember.


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