340K: Separates

Looking for a book from about 1960 about a young teen girl. Her mom makes all her dresses, but she wants to babysit for extra money so she can buy “separates.” She babysits children who come down with diphtheria and she must work hard to save them while in quarantine. Good luck!

1 thought on “340K: Separates

  1. Deborah Carpenter

    This is Green Eyes by Jean Nielsen. It is set in Washington State outside Seattle. The girl Jan babysits to earn money to buy a typewriter, but she spends her savings to buy separates to attend a meeting of the Student Council where a teacher is trying to get her replaced as editor. A young boy she babysits gets sick with diphtheria because his mother thought it was too much trouble to sit in the doctor’s office and wait to get his shots and that no one gets diphtheria anymore.


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