335C: Bonnie’s First Crush Goes Awry From A Misunderstanding

I am looking for a book called Bonnie. It may also be spelled Bonny. I read it in the early 1980's when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I believe it was set in the 1950's. The main character sang in an all girls chorus and had her first crush. I think I remember that they went ice skating for one of their dates, maybe their first date. But at some point, she thinks he likes someone else or doesn't like her anymore for some reason. Of course, in the end, it was all a misunderstanding. It was a chapter book and had some illustrations, and I remember the book I read had a yellow cover with a picture of the main character (sketched).

2 thoughts on “335C: Bonnie’s First Crush Goes Awry From A Misunderstanding

  1. Susan

    Yes, that is Bonnie by Lee Wyndham. I bought a copy and reread it last year. It seems to be somewhat rare to find on ebay, but you can see a picture of it on Goodreads. Unlike some books that are delightful to reread, I didn’t enjoy this one much — but I was happy to refresh my memory about it.


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