320Y: Lost Doll Brought Home By Father

As a child, my wife had a book from her father (1950s+/- publication date), about a doll she loses after taking it for a bath, going on a carriage ride, having a tea party, etc.  The girl’s father arrives home and goes back out into the night to look for the doll and eventually finds her and brings her home, somewhat tattered.  Can you please help?

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  1. Susan

    This sounds kind of like “The Store-Bought Doll,” a little golden book published in 1983. The book is based on “Ukelele and Her New Doll,” published in 1951. Would that be it? In each book, a girl receives a new doll but in the end likes her original hand-made doll better. I don’t have the Ukelele book but in The Store-Bought Doll, the girl gives her doll rides in a wheelbarrow, has a tea party, and sleeps with her doll after taking a bath.


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