301P: A boy makes a “Dagwood” style sandwich (Solved)

1960s children’s picture book about a boy making a tall, stacked “Dagwood” style sandwich.  The text is minimal – “a little of this, a bit of that, and some bread”. There is a girl (sister?) watching him in amusement. The focus is on the entertaining parade of sandwich ingrediants. The pictures are not full color and are sketchy and “modern” in feel.  As a kid this book made me want to make sandwiches every time I read it!

2 thoughts on “301P: A boy makes a “Dagwood” style sandwich (Solved)

  1. Becca

    This book is fabulous, one of my childhood favorites, too. It’s called The Sandwich and it’s by Dorothy Z. Seymour and illustrated by Richard C. Lewis. Published by Initial Teaching Alphabet Publications, Inc 1965


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