Stump the Bookseller makes The New York Times!

Sarah Manguso with her new copy of Toodle and Noodle

Sarah Manguso with her new copy of Toodle and Noodle

Huzzah!  Stump the Bookseller made The New York Times!  We’ve gotten a mention once before, but not in the Sunday Book Review!

Thanks to Sarah Manguso and her wonderful trip down memory lane, which took a little jaunt past Stump the Bookseller, and became a recollection in the Author’s Note section of the NYTSarah has several published books of her own, including the recently published Ongoingness: The End of a Diary.  But a vague childhood memory nagged at her, and was not solved by a simple Google search.

And that is how she came to this blog.  Her original query is posted as 169G, and was quickly solved. Sarah wasn’t sure how to get her hands on a book published in 1919, or if the joy of the quest wasn’t more powerful than the reunion might be.  But, hey, we happen to have the book just sitting on our shelves.  So we’re going to send it to her.  Thanks for the publicity, Sarah!


3 thoughts on “Stump the Bookseller makes The New York Times!

  1. Susan Reagel

    Huzzah! I thought this sounded familiar, and then I read it and was so chuffed that I was the one who solved it! And what a beautiful ending that there is still a copy of the book available.

  2. Ghost of the Doppelganger

    Fantastic! Stump the Bookseller is one of the best things on the internet! Should be interesting now that nearly 1.4 million more people know about it!

  3. Ami Bray

    This is a note from Sarah:

    This is the kindest response I could have imagined.

    It was my pleasure to write about your excellent website, and I’m thrilled to hear that you have a copy of Toodle and Noodle on your shelves! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see it.



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