Our 12th year of participation in the International Edible Books Festival was Saturday, April 4th, 2015. So many delicious and creative entries kept us entertained, amused, and well fed. The puns seem to multiply every year… Thanks to everyone who participated! We can't wait 'til next year!

Many thanks to Maura Rogers for the photography.

Carrots to Cupcakes,

Carrots to Cupcakes, by Margaret Simon

Annika's Secret Wish

Annika's Secret Wish, by Maggie Love

Junior Award

Cauliflower of the Wild

Cauliflower of the Wild, by Ella Daugherty and Molly Manning

Junior Award

Best Pun Award

How it All Vegan

How It All Vegan, by Margaret Simon

Everything on It

Everything on it, by Irene Winslow

Tell-Tale Heart

Tell-a-Tale Heart, by Robin Richmond Hawkins

Most Appetizing

Sorcerer's Scone

Hairy Butter and the Sorcerer's Scone, by Ariana Christo & Dominique Stevens

Honorable Mention

Motzoh Haggadah

Matzoh Haggadah, by Gene Epstein

Best of Show

Owl Moon

Owl Moon, by Pamela Bligh-Glover

Most Literary

Rainbow Tower

Rainbow Tower, by Ellen Strong

Rubyfruit Jumble

Rubyfruit Jumble, by Amie Albert

Honorable Mention

Wildflowers on the Tundra

Wildflowers on the Tundra, by Lorelai & Sophia Winslow

Junior Award

Best Binding

Sing a Song of Popcorn!

Sing A Song of Popcorn!, by Loganberry Staff


Tangerine, by Margaret Simon

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