This One Wild and Precious Life (Book Review)

I’ve been on a mission of self-improvement the past couple of months, and the book This One Wild and Precious Life, by Sarah Wilson, has been congruent with my quest. Part ecology book, part natural history book, part self-help book, this book does not easily fit into one category but delivers a wallop in many aspects. Wilson writes beautiful accounts of her various hikes around the world, which are interspersed between exhortations to get over our anxiety, grow up, and make a difference in the world – in an inspiring way, not a preachy way. I won’t go to quite the extremes that she has gone (I’m not cleaning my underwear while in the shower, I’ll stick with the washing machine), but this book has made me think about how I can make small changes that can help ameliorate our current situation – if others also follow that path out of over-consumption hell. (Comes out December 29, 2020)

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