Book Reviews – Fierce Young Ladies

I have recently read two very entertaining new and upcoming fiction books, both are great summer reads.

The Comeback by Ella Berman, out now:

Grace Turner was one of the world’s hottest teenage stars, yet she suddenly went into hiding for a year at her parents. Once her parents force her out of their house, Grace figures out that she was running from problems that she could not hide from, and she becomes pre-occupied with revenge against the man that controlled her entire career before she burnt out on drugs and left him hanging at an awards ceremony. Will Grace be able to let the world know what happened to her while keeping her image intact? Find out by reading this well-paced and engaging book!

White Ivy by Susie Yang, out November 3rd, 2020:

Ivy, the teenage daughter of chaotic and poor immigrant Chinese parents, has a crush on a Golden Boy named Gideon. When she attempts to stay over at his birthday slumber party one night, her parents react by sending her to China. Once back in the states, she has a different outlook on life after having spent time with a rich family member, which makes her want to be with the wealthy Gideon even more. Finally, as a young lady, they start dating – but just as they become serious, the Bad Boy she lost her virginity to shows up in her life. Who will she choose to be with? Read and find out!

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