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346G: Stuffed Bunny Feels Replaced by Stuffed Bear (Solved!)

There was a children’s book about a little girl with a bunny stuffed animal, the girl gets a new stuffed animal, a bear I think. The bunny feels replaced and tries to run away and ends up falling in the bathtub. I think it gets powder or something on it. It’s found and cleaned up and the girl has room to love for both stuffed animals in the end.

278F: A picture book with a doll, a bear and a kitten (Solved)

I read this children’s book in the 1960’s. It contained photographs, not illustrations, and featured a stuffed bear, not plush, a doll with long blonde hair and a kitten. I think there is a scene in a barber shop where the doll’s hair is cut and I also seem to recall a ball of yarn being involved. The book was large format and I believe it was in color.  The bear was one of those that had movable mechanical limbs. The doll was also mechanical in that her arms and legs could be positioned. She reminds me of one of the early talking dolls from that era that were about two feet tall.